The oppression of gays

“Perhaps homosexuality is separable from promiscuity, but its oppression is not; and society as a whole may be held responsible for the spread of AIDS through oppression of the homosexual.”

July 18th,1983 1983, Australian

AIDS: new theories, more panic

“There is no doubt that the deliberate creation of public fear and the spread of false information is going on, and that AIDS is being used to attack gay people and gay rights in Australia.”

July 17th,1983 1983, Outrage

AIDS: ‘secrecy suicidal’

It has now been shown that an incredible one-in-333 (or a total of 600) gay males in the inner San Francisco area has AIDS and perhaps thousands more of the city’s gay population of perhaps 200,000 could have the disease in its incubation stage.

July 16th,1983 1983, Herald (Melbourne)

Epidemic of fear

First, if you lead a normal sex life, either heterosexual or homosexual, AIDS is probably no threat to you. Only the very promiscuous seem afflicted, apart from those one-in-ten-million chances we all run in our day-to-day lives.

July 16th,1983 1983, Herald (Melbourne)

Gay life turns sour

LIKE most Melbourne homosexuals, “Bill” is sick and tired of hearing about AIDS. Bill’s concern stems not from fear of catching the mysterious, newly-discovered disease but because it threatens to prejudice Australia’s relaxed attitudes to homosexuals.

July 16th,1983 1983, Herald (Melbourne)

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