Bone marrow transplants may help AIDS victims

BONE marrow transplants will soon be used as a method of treating severe cases of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), a Sydney doctor predicts.

Dr David Cooper, of the Department of Immunology at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, has just returned from US studies of immunology and AIDS. At a public forum on the syndrome in Sydney on Monday night, he said bone marrow transplants were a possibility for treating severe cases of the syndrome.

But Dr Cooper predicted that even if the agent responsible for AIDS were discovered, it would still not solve patients’ problems.

August 17th,1983 1983, Australian

Don’t blame lifestyles for AIDS

“AIDS is certainly an alarming medical challenge. But the correct way to defeat it is to mobilise the resources of the community to find its cause and develop a cure, not to indulge in useless finger-pointing,” writes Adam Carr in a letter to The Age.

August 15th,1983 1983, The Age

Gays form AIDS group

Melbourne’s homosexuals yesterday announced the formation of a special group to combat what it regards as ignorance and hysteria about acquired immune deficiency syndrome, AIDS.

August 8th,1983 1983, Courier-Mail, The Age

US gay health workers meet on AIDS

Gay health workers from all over the US gathered in Denver in June for the Fifth National Lesbian/Gay Health Conference. Proceedings this year were dominated by the controversy surrounding AIDS and the challenge the disease presents to the American gay community.

August 1st,1983 1983, Outrage

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