Second Victorian has AIDS

A Victorian man is critically ill in St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome — AIDS. It is only the third life-threatening case of the disease to be diagnosed in an Australian, and appears to be closely, following the pattern that led to the death of a man in Prince Henry’s Hospital in July.

September 24th,1983 1983, The Age

Preparing for AIDS

The South Australian Health Commission has established a program to deal with what it considers to be “inevitable” cases of AIDS in the state. Doctors from the communicable and venereal disease centres in Adelaide say it is only a matter of time before the first case is reported.

September 23rd,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

Now AIDS kills nun who lived in Haiti

A nun who lived in Haiti for 20 years has become one of the more unusual victims of AIDS. Her death from the disease, more commonly found in male homosexuals and Haitians, has been reported in the British medical journal, The Lancet.

September 21st,1983 1983, Australian

AIDS News: Adelaide

The Flinders Medical Centre will be conducting research into AIDS and those factors which may predispose some people to an immuno-deficiency type of disease, in collaboration with research groups in Perth and Sydney.

September 8th,1983 1983, Outrage

AIDS News: Melbourne

The Victorian AIDS Action Committee (VAAC), which was formed at a public meeting of the Victorian gay community on 12 July, went public at a press conference on Sunday 7 August.

September 7th,1983 1983, Outrage

2000 AIDS cases

Gay men in the US are making their own decisions about how to conduct their sex-lives in the face of the AIDS crisis, despite the ongoing political controversy among the gay leadership as to what recommendations they ought to be making.

September 6th,1983 1983, Outrage

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