AIDS victim

In a letter in response to the Herald’s front-page story a few days ago, E.A. O’Halloran argues “there will be a great number of people who will find it hard to accept that this man and his homosexual mode of life demand any particular sympathy.”

December 24th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

WA two have AIDS: doctors

Two more cases of AIDS have been diagnosed in Australia but doctors said yesterday the victims were suffering only a mild form of the disease and were most unlikely to die from it.

December 24th,1983 1983, Courier-Mail, The Age

AIDS fear in Perth

The first traces of AIDS have surfaced in Perth. Two young men are being treated in Royal Perth Hospital with lymphadenopathy syndrome (LS), an early and mild form of AIDS.

December 23rd,1983 1983, West Australian (Perth)

To Fred Nile, two is an epidemic

The Rev. Fred Nile maintains that the AIDS epidemic has reached such proportions that the State Government should impose a levy on gay bars and the like to cover hospital costs.

December 20th,1983 1983, The Bulletin

AIDS scare kills off Haiti’s tourist industry

Two years ago, many of Haiti’s low-paid workers were still building and staffing new luxury hotels and nightclubs, evidence of the widening circle of Americans drawn to the conviviality, art and grace of the local people. But since the middle of 1982, when American authorities linked Haiti with AIDS, the tourist industry has collapsed.

December 17th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

Act now on AIDS: professor

The recent discovery of acquired immune deficiency syndrome among a small number of women overseas means much more than a change in the “gay plague” image of the fatal disease, according to an international authority on infectious diseases.

December 17th,1983 1983, The Age

AIDS still remote but survival chances slim

Obviously if you are a homosexual or drug addict, your chances of catching the disease is far higher, and these people would be advised to be far more careful with whom they associate in future. But for the majority of us, AIDS is far more a mouse than a lion.

December 15th,1983 1983, Canberra Times

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