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Real Time AIDS is a project to re-examine Australia’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic by re-staging the events and ideas that made up that response, with a time gap of thirty years, using modern technology.

Australia’s first cases of AIDS were seen in late 1982 and the first death occurred on 8 July 1983. Real Time AIDS will start from late June 2013, remembering the events that led up to that death and the growing sense of crisis in Australia as we realised that this disease had reached our shores.

The project is primarily directed at Twitter via @RealTimeAIDS, but you can also follow along on Facebook, or via this website.

Comments are welcome. Comments that are not respectful, constructive and on topic will not be published.

Contributions and suggestions are welcome. If there’s an event in your own AIDS history you’d like to have included, or if you have a treasure trove of ephemera we might be able to use, please get in touch. But remember, this is a site focused mainly on Australia, and the posts are timed to exactly 30 years after the real event took place, so get in touch in advance of that.

Real Time AIDS is inspired, in part, by the Twitter account @RealTimeWWII and dedicated with love and respect to the many Australians who have fallen to this disease, and those who continue to work to end it.

Because of the nature of the project, content on Real Time AIDS reproduces historical events that were, and may remain, hurtful to people living with HIV, gay men and other groups. From time to time there may be references to Aboriginal people who have died. Please treat this material with sensitivity.

Medical and scientific information contained in posts on this site is more than 30 years old and in almost every case will have been superseded by newer developments. Please go elsewhere if you are looking for reliable medical information.

Much of the content on this website consists of scanned images of newspaper reports. Regrettably, much of this content will not be accessible to vision-impaired people or those using screen readers. I apologise to those people who may be inconvenienced or frustrated by this. 

This website is the work of Paul Kidd. Copyright in quoted or reproduced media stories and articles remains with the holder and materials are reproduced here for non-commercial, educational purposes only. Apart from that, the realtimeaids.com website is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license.

Australia's response to the AIDS epidemic, in real time, 30 years on.
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