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Hospital seeks foster home for AIDS baby

Hospital officials in Miami, Florida, are anxiously seeking a foster home for a 14-month-old girl with the killer disease AIDS. The baby’s mother, a 33-year-old Haitian immigrant, died of AIDS three weeks ago and the father has disappeared.

November 10th,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

Move on AIDS

Adelaide’s homosexual community has formed an SA AIDS Action Committee to represent it at the recently formed Australian AIDS Action Committee.

October 13th,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

Upsets ‘can cause disease’

Abundant evidence showed that disruptive relationships in human lives work a potent factor in causing disease, Professor Herbert Weiner said yesterday. He said he was not surprised that homosexuals were the victims of the immune deficiency disease AIDS.

October 5th,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

Preparing for AIDS

The South Australian Health Commission has established a program to deal with what it considers to be “inevitable” cases of AIDS in the state. Doctors from the communicable and venereal disease centres in Adelaide say it is only a matter of time before the first case is reported.

September 23rd,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

Pension for AIDS airman

A 27-year-old airman stricken with AIDS has become the first person in US Air Force history to receive a medical discharge with full retirement benefits because of the disease.

August 22nd,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

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