Campaign Australia

AIDS Watch October 1983

Despite the fact that health authorities have had at least two years warning they are still woefully ill-prepared to cope with AIDS and the crucial issues of dealing with homosexuality and homosexual males.

October 16th,1983 1983, Campaign Australia

Minister favors funding

A deputation from the AIDS Action Committee (AAC) to the NSW Health Minister, Laurie Brereton, received a favourable hearing and resulted in a promised re-organisation of Health Department committee structures and funding for a field worker to undertake “contract tracing” of possible AIDS cases.

July 13th,1983 1983, Campaign Australia

Editorial on hep B vaccine

THERE HAVE recently been suggestions made that the new hepatitis vaccine may be transmitting AIDS and therefore unsafe. The fact that these reports have been coming from what seem to be medically qualified sources, such as the Chairman of the national Red Cross, Professor Pennington, has added a great deal of credibility to these warnings.

July 11th,1983 1983, Campaign Australia

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