Herald (Melbourne)

Roper to meet on AIDS

The State Health Minister, Mr Roper, is likely soon to meet representatives of the Victorian AIDS action committee. The committee has criticised the Minister for failing to meet it.

October 4th,1983 1983, Herald (Melbourne)

AIDS fear may slow its spread

The spread of AIDS in the United States may not reach the dire numbers once predicted. The reason is that homosexuals are limiting their sexual activities, the American Medical Association said.

August 25th,1983 Herald (Melbourne)

AIDS fear cuts blood donations

Reserves of blood are critically low — and officials believe it may be because of public fear over AIDS. “The Red Cross Blood Bank would like to reassure the public that there is no risk whatever of contracting AIDS in attending the Blood Bank or giving blood,” said the director of the service.

July 21st,1983 1983, Herald (Melbourne)

States link their arms in war on AIDS

Plans to co-ordinate research into the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) on a national scale will be formulated in Perth by Australia’s leading immunologists. Their meeting to discuss these plans will be held on Saturday and will be followed by a public meeting on Sunday, at which an announcement about the research is expected.

July 19th,1983 1983, Herald (Melbourne)

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