Nitrates not AIDS culprit

The inhaling of amyl-nitrate and other nitrates popular among homosexuals has been thought to be a risk factor [for AIDS], but a study by the Centre for Communicable Diseases in Atlanta concluded these drugs are not responsible for the basic immune defects characteristic of AIDS.

October 24th,1983 1983, Australian

Now AIDS kills nun who lived in Haiti

A nun who lived in Haiti for 20 years has become one of the more unusual victims of AIDS. Her death from the disease, more commonly found in male homosexuals and Haitians, has been reported in the British medical journal, The Lancet.

September 21st,1983 1983, Australian

Fred Nile calls for gays to be quarantined

Neal Blewett, or Minister for Health, was recently approached by the publicity-hungry Frederick Nile, NSW politician [with the] request that about 800 Australians, who have been attending a homosexual conference in San Francisco, be put in quarantine before being readmitted to Australia. The incubation period for AIDS is said to be up to two years.

August 29th,1983 Australian

AIDS ‘cure close’

A drug called isoprinosine might be able to cure the acquired a new deficiency syndrome, an American researcher Dr Wong Tsang said yesterday. The drug had restored immune responses in blood taken from AIDS victims in preliminary tests.

August 24th,1983 1983, Australian

Bone marrow transplants may help AIDS victims

BONE marrow transplants will soon be used as a method of treating severe cases of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), a Sydney doctor predicts.

Dr David Cooper, of the Department of Immunology at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, has just returned from US studies of immunology and AIDS. At a public forum on the syndrome in Sydney on Monday night, he said bone marrow transplants were a possibility for treating severe cases of the syndrome.

But Dr Cooper predicted that even if the agent responsible for AIDS were discovered, it would still not solve patients’ problems.

August 17th,1983 1983, Australian

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