Sydney Star


Letter to the Sydney Star from Ken Bryan and Bobby Goldsmith, 18 May 1984.

May 18th,1984 1984, Sydney Star

AIDS virus – faint ray of hope?

The announcement by two separate medical organisations in two separate countries within days which other that they have discovered the cause of AIDS provided a welcome ray of hope in an otherwise continuing gloomy story of the destructive path of AIDS.

May 4th,1984 1984, Sydney Star

SF bathhouse closures

The San Francisco gay community has been rocked by a controversial decision to prevent bathhouses and bookshops and bars from allowing sexual activity on their premises.

May 4th,1984 1984, Sydney Star

AIDS warning

The Sydney Star advises its readers not to let others know they are participating in the AIDS study being conducted.

February 24th,1984 1984, Sydney Star

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