Fred Nile

To Fred Nile, two is an epidemic

The Rev. Fred Nile maintains that the AIDS epidemic has reached such proportions that the State Government should impose a levy on gay bars and the like to cover hospital costs.

December 20th,1983 1983, The Bulletin

Fred Nile calls for gays to be quarantined

Neal Blewett, or Minister for Health, was recently approached by the publicity-hungry Frederick Nile, NSW politician [with the] request that about 800 Australians, who have been attending a homosexual conference in San Francisco, be put in quarantine before being readmitted to Australia. The incubation period for AIDS is said to be up to two years.

August 29th,1983 Australian

The oppression of gays

“Perhaps homosexuality is separable from promiscuity, but its oppression is not; and society as a whole may be held responsible for the spread of AIDS through oppression of the homosexual.”

July 18th,1983 1983, Australian

AIDS: new theories, more panic

“There is no doubt that the deliberate creation of public fear and the spread of false information is going on, and that AIDS is being used to attack gay people and gay rights in Australia.”

July 17th,1983 1983, Outrage

The march of AIDS

Following Australia’s first AIDS-related fatality, Fred Nile takes the opportunity to stir up more hatred about gay men in this letter to the SMH.

July 13th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

A cautious world of AIDS and gays

“Everybody is talking about it. It’s such a frightening thing, so frightening that people are almost joking about it.” Mr Stephen Allkins, a young homosexual from Elizabeth Bay, was sitting in the Flinders Hotel in Darlinghurst yesterday, talking about the AIDS scare and the Sydney gay community’s response to it.

June 28th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

Call for national taskforce as 19 AIDS cases feared

A call for a national symposium of doctors to discuss acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) has been made by Sydney’s homosexuals following the disclosure of at least 19 suspected cases of the incurable and generally fatal illness in Australia.

June 27th,1983 1983, Australian

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