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Psychiatry factor in AIDS

Homosexuals dying from AIDS suffer psychological problems worse than those of cancer victims, but the depression, anxiety and anger are often overlooked by the doctors who treat them, psychiatrists say.

May 9th,1984 1984, Hobart Mercury

The deadly invasion that can’t be halted

Tonight’s edition of Discovery, ‘Killer In the Village’ (Channel 2 at 9.10), is a science-fact program about an invasion against which there seems to be no protection. The invader is an as-yet-unidentified agent which causes the condition known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – AIDS.

January 23rd,1984 1984, ABC-TV, Sydney Morning Herald

Upsets ‘can cause disease’

Abundant evidence showed that disruptive relationships in human lives work a potent factor in causing disease, Professor Herbert Weiner said yesterday. He said he was not surprised that homosexuals were the victims of the immune deficiency disease AIDS.

October 5th,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

AIDS strikes again

A fourth AIDS victim has been admitted to Melbourne’s Prince Henry’s Hospital … rumours are circulating that “dozens” of AIDS sufferers are wandering the streets with the disease in a “milder dose”.

October 1st,1983 1983, Truth (Melbourne)

AIDS sets the clock back for homosexuals

There have been two definite cases of AIDS diagnosed in Australia — both contracted overseas — and one or two possible cases. Yet such is the fascination with the syndrome that it has become the new buzz-word in Australian society.

September 3rd,1983 The Age

AIDS cases ‘on decline’

The spread of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the US may not reach the dire numbers once predicted, according to the American Medical Association, because homosexuals, the most affected group, are limiting their sexual activities.

August 26th,1983 1983, Sun (Melbourne)

AIDS fear may slow its spread

The spread of AIDS in the United States may not reach the dire numbers once predicted. The reason is that homosexuals are limiting their sexual activities, the American Medical Association said.

August 25th,1983 Herald (Melbourne)

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