gay plague

‘Gays are always thought of as dirty’

“We were starting to be treated like ordinary human beings. People were finally realising that apart from our sexual preference, we’re just like everyone else. I now find an incredible number of mis-informed straight people who feel that by social contact with me they could get AIDS…”

September 3rd,1983 1983, The Age

Gays form AIDS group

Melbourne’s homosexuals yesterday announced the formation of a special group to combat what it regards as ignorance and hysteria about acquired immune deficiency syndrome, AIDS.

August 8th,1983 1983, Courier-Mail, The Age

The march of AIDS

Following Australia’s first AIDS-related fatality, Fred Nile takes the opportunity to stir up more hatred about gay men in this letter to the SMH.

July 13th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

The ‘wrath’ of God and the AIDS controvery

In our enlightened days … we have also abandoned the view that such epidemics are the work of God as divine retribution for sin. At least some of us have; but with the appearance of AIDS … some with either deeper divine knowledge than the rest of us or a callous indifference to human suffering, are calling it the plague of God or the wrath of God.

July 7th,1983 1983, Australian

A cautious world of AIDS and gays

“Everybody is talking about it. It’s such a frightening thing, so frightening that people are almost joking about it.” Mr Stephen Allkins, a young homosexual from Elizabeth Bay, was sitting in the Flinders Hotel in Darlinghurst yesterday, talking about the AIDS scare and the Sydney gay community’s response to it.

June 28th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

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