origin of AIDS

Monkeys give a clue on AIDS

Some laboratory monkeys in the US which spontaneously developed a disease similar to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) have provided the strongest evidence yet that AIDS is caused by a virus.

February 13th,1984 1984, The Age

AIDS scare kills off Haiti’s tourist industry

Two years ago, many of Haiti’s low-paid workers were still building and staffing new luxury hotels and nightclubs, evidence of the widening circle of Americans drawn to the conviviality, art and grace of the local people. But since the middle of 1982, when American authorities linked Haiti with AIDS, the tourist industry has collapsed.

December 17th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

US gay health workers meet on AIDS

Gay health workers from all over the US gathered in Denver in June for the Fifth National Lesbian/Gay Health Conference. Proceedings this year were dominated by the controversy surrounding AIDS and the challenge the disease presents to the American gay community.

August 1st,1983 1983, Outrage

States link their arms in war on AIDS

Plans to co-ordinate research into the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) on a national scale will be formulated in Perth by Australia’s leading immunologists. Their meeting to discuss these plans will be held on Saturday and will be followed by a public meeting on Sunday, at which an announcement about the research is expected.

July 19th,1983 1983, Herald (Melbourne)

US to test AIDS treatment

Scientists are about to start human tests of a potential AIDS treatment called interleukin-2. To date there have been 1737 confirmed cases of AIDS worldwide, and 678 deaths.

July 14th,1983 1983, The Age

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