theories about the causes of AIDS

Monkeys give a clue on AIDS

Some laboratory monkeys in the US which spontaneously developed a disease similar to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) have provided the strongest evidence yet that AIDS is caused by a virus.

February 13th,1984 1984, The Age

AIDS scare kills off Haiti’s tourist industry

Two years ago, many of Haiti’s low-paid workers were still building and staffing new luxury hotels and nightclubs, evidence of the widening circle of Americans drawn to the conviviality, art and grace of the local people. But since the middle of 1982, when American authorities linked Haiti with AIDS, the tourist industry has collapsed.

December 17th,1983 1983, Sydney Morning Herald

Nitrates not AIDS culprit

The inhaling of amyl-nitrate and other nitrates popular among homosexuals has been thought to be a risk factor [for AIDS], but a study by the Centre for Communicable Diseases in Atlanta concluded these drugs are not responsible for the basic immune defects characteristic of AIDS.

October 24th,1983 1983, Australian

Upsets ‘can cause disease’

Abundant evidence showed that disruptive relationships in human lives work a potent factor in causing disease, Professor Herbert Weiner said yesterday. He said he was not surprised that homosexuals were the victims of the immune deficiency disease AIDS.

October 5th,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

2000 AIDS cases

Gay men in the US are making their own decisions about how to conduct their sex-lives in the face of the AIDS crisis, despite the ongoing political controversy among the gay leadership as to what recommendations they ought to be making.

September 6th,1983 1983, Outrage

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