2000 AIDS cases

Gay men in the US are making their own decisions about how to conduct their sex-lives in the face of the AIDS crisis, despite the ongoing political controversy among the gay leadership as to what recommendations they ought to be making.

September 6th,1983 1983, Outrage

AIDS cases ‘on decline’

The spread of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the US may not reach the dire numbers once predicted, according to the American Medical Association, because homosexuals, the most affected group, are limiting their sexual activities.

August 26th,1983 1983, Sun (Melbourne)

Disease in the age of desire

In Australia, AIDS is an epidemic in search of victims — only two cases have been confirmed. But it has nevertheless triggered an internecine medical war over research funds, enriched a few GPs smart enough to cash in on the hysteria, and led to the establishment of a plethora of emergency assistance groups. In the US the epidemic is very real, though reports about it are often far-fetched.

August 26th,1983 1983, National Times

AIDS fear may slow its spread

The spread of AIDS in the United States may not reach the dire numbers once predicted. The reason is that homosexuals are limiting their sexual activities, the American Medical Association said.

August 25th,1983 Herald (Melbourne)

Pension for AIDS airman

A 27-year-old airman stricken with AIDS has become the first person in US Air Force history to receive a medical discharge with full retirement benefits because of the disease.

August 22nd,1983 1983, Adelaide Advertiser

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Australia's response to the AIDS epidemic, in real time, 30 years on.
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