Gays march under the shadow of AIDS

Yesterday’s Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco was led by a group of people with AIDS marching behind the banner of the People with AIDS Alliance.

From The Australian, 28 June 1983:

Here, as elsewhere, gay men have borne the brunt of a disease described last week by an American medical researcher as “the most culture-specific epidemic of this century.” Of 1641 cases recorded in the US, 249 have been in the San Francisco area. So far 69 San Franciscans have died of the condition. […]

“We’re fighting for our lives because it has to be done, there’s no room for fear – we’re not looking for acceptance, we’re looking for research money, for understanding and for support. It’s not even gay rights – it’s human rights.”

Gays march under the shadow of AIDS

(Also covered in The Courier-Mail)


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