AMA journal’s AIDS report angers Blewett

Sydney Morning Herald, 29 June 1983, p 10:

The Federal Minister for Health, Dr Blewett, has criticised an AMA journal for a “prejudiced and sensational approach” to the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Dr Blewett said yesterday the publicity in the media was “irresponsible and sensational” and had caused concern and confusion. He was disappointed that the June 11, 1983 journal of the Australian Medical Association appeared to “further this prejudiced and sensational approach.” […]

Dr [Kathy] King [the editor of the MJA] said yesterday the cover was a “spoof” of newspaper reports related to AIDS. She said Dr Blewett had missed the point of the edition which was meant to “gently poke fun at media reports of the AIDS scare.” […]

Also: ‘Blewett hits irresponsible media over AIDS reports‘, The Australian, 29 June 1983; ‘Blewett hits AIDS panic‘, The Sun (Melbourne), 29 June 1983, p 27.

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