Simple solution to AIDS is abstinence

NOTE FROM THE CURATOR: The letter from Fred Nile below is a particularly egregious example of his stock-in-trade of using lies and made-up scientific facts to perpetuate hatred, dressed up as faux ‘compassion’ for the gay community. It may cause distress to some readers.

Letter from Fred Nile to The Australian, 6 July 1983:

The response of some of your readers to my constructive proposals concerning the AIDS “Gay Plague” epidemic is bordering on the irrational and hysterical.

My calm, compassionate proposals to control the spread of AIDS has naturally me with fierce criticism by the militant section of the homosexual community and predictably from their fellow-travellers in the civil liberties area, such as Elizabeth Kirkby MLC who virtually denied the existence of AIDS last year during parliamentary debate.

The majority of AIDS cases have always been identified as promiscuous or practising homosexual males. Originally the percentage was almost 100 per cent and even after two years it is still 72 per cent of all known 1500 AIDS cases, with about 600 deaths in the US.


The non-homosexual AIDS cases such as haemophiliacs, Haitians, grandmothers, children etc. have also been related back to homosexual origins, e.g. homosexual blood transfusion have spread AIDS to grandfathers and children; homosexual AIDS donors of semen also helped to spread AIDS to heterosexuals.

Practicing male bisexuals have also spread the AIDS disease to heterosexuals.

Those racists who have attacked the Haitian population as natural carriers of AIDS have also been proved wrong. The Haitian AIDS cases have been linked to the common practice of homosexuals travelling from the US to Haiti to sexually abuse Haitian young males from poverty-stricken families.

Bodily fluids of AIDS victims have helped to spread the disease by carriers without any outward symptoms for an average of 18 months. Bodily fluids include blood, semen, saliva, urine and stools, according to an AIDS medical guide produced by the San Francisco homosexual doctors and reprinted in the Sydney homosexual paper called The Star last month.

My practical proposals concerning the activities of practicing homosexuals would dramatically reduce the spread of AIDS in Australia among homosexuals, especially by the 1200 Australian homosexuals visiting San Francisco for Gay Pride week.

These proposals would also prevent the spread of AIDS to the heterosexual community and so give the medical profession a breathing space to discover the exact cause and cure of AIDS.

Surely if 1200 Australians visited a smallpox epidemic area in Asia, the Federal Health Minister, Dr Blewett, would take prompt action to contain the spread of this serious disease upon their return to Sydney?

Genuine compassion demands that urgent measures be taken by Australian federal and State health authorities to prevent hysteria, panic and unnecessary deaths in our nation.

Those writers who suggest my proposals are vindictive are completely wrong. If I were vindictive I would simply keep silent about AIDS and let it destroy the homosexual community.

The AIDS solution proposed by the NSW Health Department official is very succinct — “ABSTINENCE.”

National Co-ordinator
Australian Festival of Light

A second letter, entitled ‘Wanton promiscuity’, from Peter Bonar of Findon, SA, can be viewed in the attached scanned image.
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