The march of AIDS

Following Australia’s first AIDS-related fatality, Fred Nile takes the opportunity to stir up more hatred about gay men in this letter to the SMH published 13 July 1983:

AIDS, the so-called gay plague, or wrath-of-God syndrome, has been described by the research staff at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories as one of the deadliest and most infectious diseases in the world. You will agree that it is not knowledge that causes panic and fear, but ignorance and fear of the unknown. […]

■ AIDS cases among those who are not homosexuals, such as heterosexual haemophiliacs, have been directly traced to blood transfusions from homosexual blood donors, who are carriers of AIDS. Outward symptoms often take 18 months.

■ Haemophiliacs, women and children are the innocent sufferers from AIDS. They are paying the price for homosexual perversions — AIDS is the fruit.

However, it should be noted that homosexuals are no strangers to VD, and more than 70 per cent of the syphilis cases at the Sydney VD Clinic have been homosexually transmitted.

Belatedly, as a result of my call for urgent action, the NSW Minister for Health has now made AIDS a notifiable disease. This means we can at least trace the march of AIDS across Australia, especially when 1,200 Australian homosexuals return to Sydney from Gay Pride Week in San Francisco.

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Australia's response to the AIDS epidemic, in real time, 30 years on.
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