Gays form AIDS group

The Age, 8 August 1983, p 5:

Melbourne’s homosexuals yesterday announced the formation of a special group to combat what it regards as ignorance and hysteria about acquired immune deficiency syndrome, AIDS.

A spokesman for the Victorian AIDS Action Committee, Mr Adam Carr, said the group had been set up to speak for the homosexuals in any working groups studying AIDS, to counter incorrect information being spread about the disease, and to resist any attacks on homosexual people prompted by the disease.

“We reject any suggestions that AIDS is in any way a gay plague or other similar phrases used out of ignorance or malice,” Mr Carr said.

“We reject any suggestions that homosexuals or any other minority group are responsible for the outbreak of this disease. We will defend the gay community from these attacks.

“We will resist any attempts to use the situation as a means of attacking gay rights or restricting gay people,” Mr Carr said. “This has already become a problem In Australia even although there is not a significant medical problem.”

See also Group says AIDS ‘not gay plague’, Courier-Mail, 8 Aug 1983 p 3.

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