AIDS News: Melbourne

The Victorian AIDS Action Committee (VAAC), which was formed at a public meeting of the Victorian gay community on 12 July, went public at a press conference on Sunday 7 August.

The press conference, which was held in commonwealth parliamentary offices in Melbourne, was attended by representatives from the Age, the Sun, the Australian, 3CR, ABC-TV and Channel 7.

Phil Carswell, Chairperson of VAAC, opened the conference, and introduced Adam Carr, VAAC media spokesperson, who spoke briefly and then answered questions. VAAC committee members Alison Thome, Chris Carter, Jamie Gardiner, Chris Gill and Danny Vadasz also took part.

The media representatives were mainly interested in the effect of the AIDS scare on the gay community, on examples of anti-gay discrimination as a result of AIDS, and in the VAACs role in the future.

The conference received reasonable coverage in the media on Sunday night and Monday morning. Both ABC-TV and radio carried items, as did Channel 7 News. The Age and Sun carried articles the next morning. The Australian carried a small article in its early edition, but this was later dropped. —OutRage, September 1983.

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