Preparing for AIDS

Adelaide Advertiser, 23 Sep 1983, p 7:

The South Australian Health Commission has established a program to deal with what it considers to be “inevitable” cases of AIDS in the state. Doctors from the communicable and venereal disease centres in Adelaide say it is only a matter of time before the first case is reported. […]

Members of the gay community in Adelaide are also “concerned” about the possibility of AIDS cases in the state. Chairman of the Adelaide Gay Community Centre, Mr I H Hunter, send the concern came about because of “alarmist” media reports on the disease. “There have been reports of people calling for gays to be put off public transport and that they are refused admission to restaurants. That’s disturbing for the gay community,” he said. […]

“A cure will be found,” said Dr Cameron. “It would come from the US where there is a massive research effort underway, and it could happen within 12 months.”

He said in SA it was important for people to understand that the condition did not mean “automatic death” for those he contracted it. “And you don’t just get it by rubbing up against someone who has it, either.” added Dr Lindon. “That’s just some of the inaccurate information spread about AIDS since it first appeared.” […]

Dr Lindon said that with AIDS now a threat, people, whether they were “married or single, homo or hetero,” should be aware that they could be safety in a permanent relationship. “Don’t panic. Just be prudent is the best policy, he said.”

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